As founder + CEO of Simplicity By Day, I serve CEOs and Busy Entrepreneurs who want order and structure in their business and life. As a professional organizing & productivity consultant, speaker, author, podcast host and a certified "systems nerd and proud perfectionist", I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed with digital data and technology. I serve and support those who struggle with digital disorganization be more purposeful, productive and profitable in their business by upgrading their organizational processes and systems and creating more structure in their day. 

I'm Dai, your new Productivity  Bestie

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It's been quite a journey.... from 2007 to now.

My Timeline

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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Credentials and Affiliations

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NAPO Member

QC Design School Graduate

National Association of Black Professional Organizers

AIOP Certification

Asana Ambassador

Certified Women Business Enterprise

Order is Heaven's First Law

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe:

If you're like me, you care more about the person that you're working with than anything else.... here's a bit more about me.

More about Dai & the Company

What You Can Expect From me:

Expect from me to take time to understand your innate productivity superpower and fully align with that in how we work together and what strategy I suggest #ProductivitySuperpower

Expect me to give you grace for where you are in your process and ask that you give me grace on my journey to understand and serve you more. #theplatinumrule

Expect us to have fun, feel seen, heard and encouraged. To feel empowered, educate and equipped to take on any organizational project with me by your side #yournewbusinessbestie

Expect at times to be motivated to change at the very least and challenged to see a new perspective and supported along the way. #toughlove

Our Core Values