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If you're looking for your next speaker or emcee for your next event, I'd be honored to be considered. With over 10+ in speaking, workshop facilitation and training both live and virtual, I can deliver and engaging, memorable, content-rich content for diverse audiences.

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Cultivating a Productivity Mindset 1. Shifting Mindset Towards Strategic Thinking 2. The Importance of Flexibility and Adaptability:
  • The Productive Business Leader
  • The Productive Team Leader


Practical Implementation of Strategies 1. Concrete Steps for Balancing Priorities 2. Building a Culture of Effective Delegation 3. Commitment to Continuous Learning and Adaptation


 CEO Productivity as a Strategic Imperative 1. Productivity's Impact on Organizational Success 2. The Role of Effective Leadership in Driving Productivity


Speaker Summary

The Productive CEO

Impact on Organizational Success 2. Time Management Challenges B. Overview of Key Strategies 1. Balancing Priorities 2. Effective Delegation 3. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Commitment to Continuous Improvement 1. Regular Audits and Assessments of Digital Systems 2. Embracing a Mindset of Digital Minimalism


Practical Implementation Strategies 1. Step-by-Step Guide to Digital Decluttering 2. Techniques for Effective Time Management in the Digital Space 3. Building a Secure and Organized Digital Ecosystem


The Impact of Digital Organization on Overall Well-being 1. Reduced Stress and Overwhelm 2. Increased Focus and Productivity


Dismantling Digital Organization

The Growing Challenge of Digital Disorganization
 Information Overload in the Digital Age
Consequences for Personal and Professional Productivity
The Urgency of Digital Organization
 Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness
Enhanced Mental Well-being

Visionary: Employing a strategic vision to set clear goals, align tasks with long-term objectives, and foster adaptability in the face of change.


Collaborator: Leveraging collaboration as a catalyst for innovation, drawing on diverse perspectives and collective intelligence.


Delegator: Harnessing the power of effective delegation to optimize task management and team efficiency.


Productivity SuperPower

Summary: This talk explores the diversity of productivity superpowers, focusing on the unique strengths of four distinct work styles:

Strategic: Embracing the planner and execution strengths of a strategic mindset who can take details and create a plan.


By understanding and embracing these distinct approaches, individuals can identify and leverage their own unique productivity superpower, enhancing personal effectiveness and contributing to a more dynamic and successful work environment.

AI Powered Productivity Masterclass

In today's fast-paced world, effective time management is crucial for success. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers powerful tools and techniques to help streamline your daily tasks, enhance email management, and optimize project workflows. Join us for this 60-minute webinar where we'll explore how to leverage AI to supercharge your time management skills, increase productivity, and achieve better work-life balance,

Email management


Leverage AI for time management


Understanding Time Management Systems


Task/Time Management


Project Management


AI tools, techs and apps


- Lauren Williams

Dai is an awesome emcee! I absolutely love the positive energy she exudes on stage. If you are looking for an emcee or public speaker at an event, LOOK NO FURTHER! Not to mention she is an organizing guru!! Her tips are impeccable!!

- Sheila Collins Houston Real Estate

I had the pleasure of attending The Viral Networking Conference, hosted by Dai Smith. Dai's energy and expertise as an emcee truly set the tone for the event....

- Morgan Batiste

Dai was the emcee at The Viral Networking Conference and did an AMAZING job! She kept the audience informed and engaged. Her personality is made for this!


Dai was the Emcee at The Viral Networking Conference that I attended recently and did a superb job.
Her warm and inviting approach of keeping everything on track and notable appropriate interactive stories to blend the audience back together after breaks was on point...

- Byron A

Dai Smith is an amazing communicator, which makes her the perfect emcee! I recently had the opportunity to experience her in action at a three day conference. She brought a lot of energy to the room and kept the diverse audience engaged throughout the conference....

- Lou Rosado

Toni Harris Taylor is an absolute force of nature. She walks into a room and she BECOMES the energy. You have to be a force of your own to emcee a 3-day conference for her! Enter Dai Smith...

- A. Ileah Hancock

Dai is wonderful! She is an amazing organizer and productivity coach, I’ve referred her to a client of mine and she gave her such high regards. I had the pleasure of being present during a conference were she was the Emcee..

- Nathaniel Poppe

As the emcee of VNC 2023 Dai was world class. At every point in the conference she kept the energy welcoming and fun while maintaining a professional structure. A virtuoso of flexibility and schedule. 

- Jennifer Hernandez

Dai was amazing. She is patient, joyful, professional and very accomodating to what our schedule was. Any questions I had were answered quickly and she's a great communicator! We definitely recommend her to anyone looking to manage a project!

- DeLia Wilson

I cannot look at my bookshelves without being full of gratitude! It was once a catch all area for our family, filled with clutter of leggos, toys, etc. Amazed at how simple organization can give me such peace of mind. Thank you Dai for helping us transition our home from family....

- Leslea Stock

Dai showed our office how to coordinate our systems and get organized. It has saved us so much time and allowed us to focus on our clients. Dai is terrific.

- Melissa Taylor

Dai is more than incredible. Took care of everything and lifted such a weight off my shoulders by organizing and sifting through my garage. Between moving and my dad's passing and inheriting everything from him I was so overwhelmed...


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